London: set to become a National Park City in 2019.

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Last year, I showed photos of wildflower meadows in west London close to where we live, evolving as the seasons changed. Today we hear the announcement that London itself is set be declared the world’s first National Park City in 2019.

What is a park city you may ask? It draws on the principles of National Parks such as the Peak District, the New Forest, or the South Downs in the UK, but in a city setting. It encourages people to explore how to improve life across the city, such as more time spent in nature outdoors and indeed visiting wild flower meadows! Meanwhile, spread the word.

As for those meadows, the “topping up” of last year’s seeding will start in March of 2018, and the area is set to expand substantially; it is pretty bare at the moment. When I get the list of expanded or new meadows, I will post here. Meanwhile I note that last year’s seeding of Cosmos produced a spectacular display which lasted at least three months. I cannot help but note that one of the main attractions at the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) flower show at Chatsworth this year is the creation of a field of 12,000 Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Razzmatazz’, a river of flowers, outside the iconic Chatsworth House. This (IMHO) will be hard pressed to match that of west London last year!

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