PIDapalooza 2018: the open festival for persistent identifiers.

PIDapalooza is a new forum concerned with discussing all things persistent, hence PID. You might wonder what possible interest a chemist might have in such an apparently arcane subject, but think of it in terms of how to find the proverbial needle in a haystack in a time when needles might look all very similar. Even needles need descriptions, they are not all alike and PIDs are a way of providing high quality information (metadata) about a digital object.  

The topics for discussion along with descriptions are now available at and yes, before you ask, the event has its own PID (DOI: 10.5438/11.0002). Check out the speakers at I will be telling some stories from chemistry, and who knows, even some of the posts on this blog might feature. And if you do not brush up on the topic, no doubt your librarian, your funding body and your publisher will be telling you about it soon!

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