Open science and the chemistry lab of the future.

The title refers to an upcoming symposium on the topic on 22-24 May, 2017.  I quote here some of the issues tabled for discussion:

  • Which data do we want to save, how and why and how long?
  • What really needs to be reproducible?
  • Are current reporting standards being used sufficiently?
  • Are the current procedures for depositing data too onerous for scientists?
  • Will technology, through increasing automation, fix most of the problems?
  • Is bureaucracy killing creativity in science?
  • Have we got a reproducibility crisis?
  • If we save and share data routinely, what is the future of the publication?
  • Are funding agencies causing science to be too short term in their quest for value for money?
  • Are chemists repeating too many experiments?
  • What can chemistry learn from other areas and what can they learn from chemistry?

For more information, visit If you have your own questions,  or indeed comments at this stage, do append them as a comment.  I don’t know what “social media” will be used to allow people to participate (science by Twitter feed?) and whether recordings will be made, but after the event I will update here with any further interesting news.

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  1. Henry Rzepa says:

    Some video interviews with speakers from the event are now available here.

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