Internet Archaeology: Blasts from the past.

In 1993-1994, when the Web (synonymous in most minds now with the Internet) was still young, the pace of progress was so rapid that some wag worked out that one “web-year” was like a dog-year, worth about 7 years of normal human time. So in this respect, 1994 is now some 133 web-years ago. Long enough for an archaeological excavation.

And so it was that I came across two Web-pages that have suddenly acquired a topical significance:


Their topicality in part arises from e.g. where the RSC seeks community support to help curate the data we as scientists produce.

Some of my recent posts (this one on dual-publisher models and this one on publishing procedures) also pertain to this and Peter Murray-Rust is constantly blogging on the topic (see this for the latest).

Perhaps 2013 will indeed be the year of data! 


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