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The subtle effect of dispersion forces on the shapes of molecules: benzyl magnesium bromide.

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

In the previous post I mentioned in passing the Grignard reagent benzyl magnesium bromide as having tetrahedral coordination at Mg. But I have now noticed, largely through spotting Steve Bachrach’s post on “Acene dimers – open or closed?” another geometric effect perhaps worthy of note, certainly one not always noted in the past; that of dispersion forces.


Is CLi6 hypervalent?

Friday, July 5th, 2013

A comment made on the previous post on the topic of hexa-coordinate carbon cited an article entitled “Observation of hypervalent CLi6 by Knudsen-effusion mass spectrometry“[cite]10.1038/355432a0[/cite] by Kudo as a amongst the earliest of evidence that such species can exist (in the gas phase). It was a spectacular vindication of the earlier theoretical prediction[cite]10.1021/ja00379a051[/cite],[cite]10.1021/ja00356a045[/cite] that such 6-coordinate species are stable with respect to dissociation to CLi4 and Li2.