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Earth’s missing chemistry.

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

At the precise moment I write this, there is information about 108,230,950 organic and inorganic chemical substances from the World's disclosed chemistry. So it was with a sense of curiosity that I came across this article in the American Mineralogist[1] entitled "Earth’s “missing” minerals" (the first in a series of articles apparently planned on the topic of the missing ones). The abstract is particularly interesting and whilst I encourage you to go read the article itself, I will quote some eye-catching observations from just this abstract:



  1. R.M. Hazen, G. Hystad, R.T. Downs, J.J. Golden, A.J. Pires, and E.S. Grew, "Earth’s “missing” minerals", American Mineralogist, vol. 100, pp. 2344-2347, 2015.