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Linking numbers, and twist and writhe components for two extended porphyrins.

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

My last comment as appended to the previous post promised to analyse two so-called extended porphyrins for their topological descriptors. I start with the Cãlugãreanu/Fuller theorem  which decomposes the topology of a space curve into two components, its twist (Tw) and its writhe (Wr, this latter being the extent to which coiling of the central curve has relieved local twisting) and establishes a topological invariant called the linking number[cite]10.1021/ja710438j[/cite]


Anapolar ring currents: a [144]-Annulene.

Friday, February 1st, 2013

This is a recently published[cite]10.5560/ZNB.2012-0189[/cite] (hypothetical) molecule which has such unusual properties that I cannot resist sharing it with you. It is an annulene with 144 all-cis CH groups, being a (very) much larger cousin of (also hypothetical) systems mooted in 2009[cite]10.1021/ja710438j[/cite],[cite]10.1021/jp902176a[/cite].