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Extreme chemical intimacy: the Xe2@C60 ion-pair.

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Unusual bonds are always intriguing, and the Xe-Xe bond is no exception. It was first reported (10.1002/anie.199702731) for the species Xe2+. Sb4F21 and its length (3.09Å) was claimed as “unsurpassed in length in main group chemistry by any other element -element bond”. Krapp and Frenking then creatively tweaked the bond (in a computer). The counterion was replaced by C60, and the two xenon atoms placed inside! Buckyballs have a fascinating ability to absorb electrons, up to six in fact, from whatever is placed inside the cavity, and so this assembly acts as a rather intriguing ion-pair. So the issue reduces to how many electrons does C60 manage to scavenge from two Xenon atoms, and what is the nature of any resulting bonding formed between these two atoms?