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How to search data repositories for FAIR chemical content and data: SubjectScheme

Thursday, June 8th, 2017
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As data repositories start to flourish, it is reasonable to ask questions such as what sort of chemistry can be found there and how can I find it? Here I give an updated[1] worked example of a digital repository search for chemical content and also pose an important issue for the chemistry domain.



  1. H.S. Rzepa, A. Mclean, and M.J. Harvey, "InChI As a Research Data Management Tool", Chemistry International, vol. 38, 2016.

Chemicalizing a blog.

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011
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I am at the ACS meeting, attending a session on chemistry and the Internet. This post was inspired by Chemicalize, a service offered by ChemAxon, which scans a post like this one, and identifies molecules named. I had previously used generic post taggers, which frankly did not work well in identifying chemical content. So this is by way of an experiment. I list below some of the substances about which I have blogged, to see how the chemicalizer works. (more…)