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Elongating an N-B single bond is much easier than stretching a C-C single bond.

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

An N-B single bond is iso-electronic to a C-C single bond, as per below. So here is a simple question: what form does the distribution of the lengths of these two bonds take, as obtained from crystal structures? 


Two new types in the chemical bonding zoo: exo-bonds and hyper-bonds?

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

The chemical bond zoo is relatively small (the bond being a somewhat fuzzy concept, I am not sure there is an actual count of occupants). So when two new candidates come along, it is worth taking notice. I have previously noted the Chemical Bonds at the 21st Century-2017: CB2017 Aachen conference, where both were discussed.


Blisteringly bent (quadruple) bonds

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

So ingrained is the habit to think of a bond as a simple straight line connecting two atoms, that we rarely ask ourselves if they are bent, and if so, by how much (and indeed, does it matter?). Well Hursthouse, Malik, and Sales, as long ago as 1978, asked just such a question about the unlikeliest of bonds, a quadruple Cr-Cr bond, found in the compound di-μ-trimethylsilylmethyl-bis-[(tri-methylphosphine) (trimethylsilylmethyI)chromium(II)(DOI: 10.1039/dt9780001314[cite]10.1039/dt9780001314[/cite]). They arrived at this conclusion by looking very carefully at how the overlaps with the Cr d-orbitals might be achieved.