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Gaseous carbon: The energetics of two forms of tetracarbon, C4 and a challenge!

Tuesday, November 29th, 2022

The topic of dicarbon, C2, has been discussed here for a few years now. It undoubtedly would be a gas! This aspect of the species came to the fore recently[1] when further experiments on a potential chemical precursor of dicarbon, the zwitterion X(+)-C≡C(-), showed that different variants of X(+), such as not only X=PhI(+), but also e.g. X=dibenzothiophenium(+) appeared to generate a gaseous species, which could be trapped as “C2” in a solvent-free connected flask experiment.



  1. H.S. Rzepa, M. Arita, K. Miyamoto, and M. Uchiyama, "A combined DFT-predictive and experimental exploration of the sensitivity towards nucleofuge variation in zwitterionic intermediates relating to mechanistic models for unimolecular chemical generation and trapping of free C2 and alternative bimolecular pathways involving no free C2", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 24, pp. 25816-25821, 2022.