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Unexpected Isomerization of Oxetane-Carboxylic Acids – a first look at the mechanism

Sunday, August 7th, 2022

Derek Lowe’s blog has a recent post entitled A Downside to Oxetane Acids which picks up on a recent article[1] describing how these acids are unexpectedly unstable, isomerising to a lactone at a significant rate without the apparent need for any catalyst. This is important because these types of compound occur frequently in the medicinal chemistry literature.



  1. B. Chalyk, A. Grynyova, K. Filimonova, T.V. Rudenko, D. Dibchak, and P.K. Mykhailiuk, "Unexpected Isomerization of Oxetane-Carboxylic Acids", Organic Letters, vol. 24, pp. 4722-4728, 2022.