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Dispersion attraction effects on the computed geometry of a leminscular dodecaporphyrin.

Friday, January 1st, 2021

In the previous post, I showed the geometries of three large cyclic porphyrins, as part of an article[1] on exploring the aromaticity of large 4n+2 cyclic rings. One of them had been induced into a “figure-eight” or lemniscular conformation, as shown below.



  1. M. Rickhaus, M. Jirasek, L. Tejerina, H. Gotfredsen, M.D. Peeks, R. Haver, H. Jiang, T.D.W. Claridge, and H.L. Anderson, "Global aromaticity at the nanoscale", Nature Chemistry, vol. 12, pp. 236-241, 2020.