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Molecules of the year – 2019: Topological molecular nanocarbons – All-benzene catenane and trefoil knot.

Sunday, December 15th, 2019

Here is another molecule of the year, on a topic close to my heart, the catenane systems 1 and the trefoil knot 2[1] Such topology is closely inter-twinned with three dimensions (literally) and I always find that the flat pages of a journal are simply insufficient to do them justice. So I set about finding the 3D coordinates.



  1. Y. Segawa, M. Kuwayama, Y. Hijikata, M. Fushimi, T. Nishihara, J. Pirillo, J. Shirasaki, N. Kubota, and K. Itami, "Topological molecular nanocarbons: All-benzene catenane and trefoil knot", Science, vol. 365, pp. 272-276, 2019.